Neighborhood Irish Pub in Your Backyard?


The Paddy Wagon inflatable Irish-themed bar my be coming to a backyard party near you.

For years, my brother has talked about owning a neighborhood brew pub in the style of a British pub. And while I haven’t visited there yet, it is my understanding in Ireland, the pub is a neighborhood social hub, where one shares a pint and catches up on the local gossip.I grew up in the northeast and many neighborhoods, including the Irish ones, had a local bar or two that was central to the social fabric of the ‘hood.

However, as we in the progressive northwest have adopted the craft-brew industry, often the new breweries have become, or replaced the more traditional liquor-oriented bars as the focal point of many neighborhoods.

In Bellingham we are fortunate enough to still have a variety of places that serve as hubs for various local communities, including having an Irish pub downtown. Uisce’s (pronounced Ish-kah’s, pictured above), located on 1319 Commercial St., serves European ales, locally-brewed ales, Scotch, and traditional Irish Whiskeys. If you haven’t visited there yet, it’s probably a close as you’ll get to Ireland in Bellingham.

Paddy Wagon interior

However, if your neighborhood does not yet have a watering hole, or you lament the fact that it is easier to get a pint than three fingers of Jameson, or if you, like my brother, have a long-time desire to “own a pub” then “The Paddy Wagon” may be for you!

Paddy Wagon is a company that rents out inflatable, Irish-themed pubs. The general idea is that they can be used for Irish-themed parties. From a recent article in the Food and Wine online magazine, The Paddy Wagon company can not only deliver and set-up the pub (interior pictured above), but can provide catering and traditional Irish music as well — a veritable Irish-themed party package. We’re not sure why it is named after a wagon that was used to transport criminals, we’ll let you ponder that question as well.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find an outlet in this region of the Pacific Northwest yet. If you’re interested in more information, visit the links above. Maybe there is a business opportunity there for someone…

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