Stones Throw: Bellingham’s Backyard Brewery


The indoor area is wide open in front and back, so fresh air blows the enticing scent of hops and beer through the whole first floor.

If you haven’t visited yet, there is a new reason to get outside in downtown Fairhaven: Stones Throw Brewery officially opened its doors in May 2016, and currently is the most recent addition to Bellingham’s ever growing fine selection of locally-brewed beer.

You might have to drive by twice to spot Stone’s Throw, located at 1009 Larrabee Avenue, but only if you’re one of the first few guests of the day.  TStones_Throw_Sign_Front_Building_500_335he front patio is big, there’s a back patio as well, and a roof patio that is bigger, so later in the afternoon this new watering hole is usually teeming with sunny-day brew drinkers. Even if it looks too crowded, stop in; there’s more room in the back

Beyond the easygoing nature of this new brewery, the formula for good times at Stone’s Throw is simple; plenty of sun and a satisfying brew. At the time of publication, the taproom featured seven beers on tap, with plans to rotate through a variety of different styles of beer.

It’s evident the brewmeisters are already putting forth their finest. Their selection of IPA, ESB, porters, blondes, kolsch, and cider will leave few guests without a new favorite thirst quencher, and it doesn’t get more local. The brew room sits on top of Stones_Throw_Beer_Tap_400_466tap  room and is constantly churning out new brews, working to create new standards, and seasonal varieties to match the weather.

Stones Throw made a strong debut at April Brew’s Day this year, featuring their Flat-Penny American Ale and Blanchard ESB.

The Flat-Penny was super drinkable with just a touch of citrus flavor, and the Blanchard was similar, but drank with a heavier body that is often featured as a nitro pour on tap.

Fans of a darker brew will want to try the Two-Dollah Porter, a smokey, hoppy drink.

Pretzels and nuts are served inside, but patrons can bring food from any of their favorite Bellingham eateries. Fairhaven Pizza and Jimmy’s Vietnamese Sandwich also deliver directly to the Stones Throw yards or tasting room.

Selections are continually evolving, and the staff welcomes feedback in the tap room and in comments on their blog, which caters to Bellingham’s beer aficionados.

You can enjoy the all tasty offerings at a leisurely pace, because the atmosphere is just so laid-back. The brewery is actually attached to the brewmeister’s home via the brew room, so you know this is a labor of love!

Owners Jack Pflueger and Tony Luciano built the place with the intent it would feel just a stone’s throw away when heading home from a local hike. It is strategically the closest brewery to the hikes in the Chuckanut Mountains and close to the Interurban Trail. And while a favorite watering hole for the post-hiking gang, it is becoming a true destination brewery.


Stone Throw’s three outdoor seating areas fit around a wood and recycled metal containers, and this lends to a particularly casual atmosphere perfect for kicking back. The wooden, metal, and re-bar adornments are stylish without feeling stuffy, making the outdoor seating areas seem like a neighbor’s backyard.

Back_Deck_Stones_Throw_300_368The Dine and Drink Bellingham team’s visit to Stone’s Throw was shared with about a dozen young families with well-mannered kids and canines at their tables. We overheard one guest exclaim, “This is my new favorite brewery!”

Stones Throw opened on May 28th before the Ski to Sea race, and it was the hot place for racers and thirsty fans to quench a long day’s drought.

Given Bellingham’s love affair with outstanding craft beer, there is no doubt Stones Throw will become and remain a popular spot in the coming months and years. Whether by bike, foot, or car, make time for a visit, sample some cold beer, and relax in the ample seating including the cozy backyard.


  • Monday – Thursday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 11w:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM –  10:00 PM

ADDRESS: In Fairhaven; 1009 Larrabee Avenue, Bellingham, WA.

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