Brotha Dudes, Downtown Bellingham’s New Bistro — simply “Really Good Stuff”


­­When I asked the Brotha Dudes owner, Julian Stoker, how he might categorize the food his restaurant serves, he became momentarily confused, thought for a moment, and then said simply, “It’s just really good stuff!”.

He turned to cook and co-manager, Roberto, and asked him to make a Dude’s Blunt Wrap of falafel, spinach, bell pepper, avocado, and homemade Dudes Slaw for me.

hippie-bowl“How would you describe this food?” Julian then asked Roberto.

“It’s the freshest,” Roberto replied.

“Exactly,” Julian said, smiling.

After trying my Dude’s Blunt wrap, this DD&B writer agreed. Each bite had everything I wanted in a wrap: intense flavor, crunch, spice, and a sauce that brought out the best flavors from each ingredient. I ate it at lunchtime and was full and yet felt light on my feet until dinner time.

The food at Brotha Dudes is top shelf. Everything is planned and prepped from scratch, and each ingredient is carefully selected. There are plenty of options for everyone as well, with the Hippie Bowl providing a go-to option for anyone dining out on a health-kick. It includes kale, spinach, quinoa, goji berry, sweet potato, avocado, hemp, pumpkin, and poppy seed salad — just remember those poppy seeds might show up on a drug test.

dudes-bluntThe Dude’s Sandwich is the ultimate reward for those that have a case of hunger beyond lunchtime munchies. Corned beef, melted Havarti cheese, fries, tomatoes, a fried egg, and Dude’s Slaw and Sauce between slices of artisan sourdough bread will cause even the most demanding sandwich connoisseur to pause and savor this large, satisfying creation.

The enticing smells emanating from Brotha Dudes are created by their meticulous selection and preparation of the freshest ingredients.

Particular Idaho potatoes are used for the perfect fries, and Kabocha squash sweet potatoes are chosen for their incredibly sweet taste. If the team can’t find it they make it from scratch. Homemade sauces, falafel, slaw, and many other ingredients lift their food into the stratosphere of lunch and quick-dinner dining.

If a sudden craving for baked snacks kicks in, Brotha Dudes is also worth visiting for their freshly baked goods as well. Julian offered me a Harvest Muffin while I was there, made with parsnips, carrots, and apples, all still wet from being cut and altogether so fresh that you would have to pick a muffin off the vine to find a fresher one.

dsc_05251The menu runs spicy, so try local and organic establishments Aslan Brewery and Kombucha Town, available to drink from the cooler. Portland brewery Alameda and nearby establishment Boundary Bay are also featured.

Julian said he made a point to keep every plate under ten dollars so college students could easily dig in. Brotha Dudes also runs a college student discount that gets you a good meal and a beverage for under $15.

The homemade, family element of Brotha Dudes is what pushes dining at there into a near mystic experience of flavor. Julian’s daughter, son, and wife all work there, and there is little distinction between family and staff. The result is extra care put into each plating. Roberto was eager to speak for the quality of care put into the food: “I know the difference in each plate is the love we put into it.”

The Brotha Dudes family and crew started their soft open a over month ago, and their grand opening is soon to be announced on their Facebook page!

If you haven’t been in yet, stop by to engage your taste buds with some creative and excellent eats. The staff will ensure that you will be well cared for. If you have visited, be the first to recommend a trip to Brotha Dudes to your friends.


Monday through Saturday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Address: 202 East Holly Street, Facing Railroad Street.